With a Mobile WiFi Hotspot rental, you can say goodbye to foreign SIM Cards, unsecure Public WiFi, and expensive roaming charges.


Going Abroad? Stay connected. Without a contract.


Place your rental online or by phone. Just tell us where you’re going and for how long and we’ll make sure you get the appropriate device for your destinations.


Your order will arrive at your door the day before your departure. Connect any WiFi enabled device and enjoy unlimited international internet during your trip.


Send back the gear in the envelope we provide when you get home. It will be prepaid and prestamped for your convenience. Just send and you’re done.

Telecom Square international wireless
internet advantages:

  • 1. Easiest method of staying connected: Avoid expensive limited data plans, roaming fees, international SIM Card rental, unsecure Public WiFi.
  • 2. Unlimited Wireless Internet Worldwide No hidden fees, no overage charges
  • 3. Internet on the Go! Take your internet anywhere in 200+ countries.
  • 4. International internet access for up to 10 devices Any five WiFi enabled devices can connect.
  • 5. Unmatched speed Telecom Square USA offers the most 4G devices worldwide.
Telecom Square Device

Hassle free service, guaranteed.

  • 1. Phone and email support in 4 languages.
  • 2. One flat rental fee without any hidden charges.
  • 3. Affordable insurance with a small deductible.
  • 4. No foreign SIM Cards requiring an unlocked device or international phone rental.
  • 5. Replacement devices can be shipped directly to your destination.

What People Are Saying

Rick Steves

Rick Steves

PBS Travel show host, author,
world travel expert.

"Perhaps you've noticed how regularly I've been posting to my Facebook page. Part of the reason is this year I've had the luxury of my own Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot device. Here's my take on the experience... MORE"

Kent German

Kent German

CNET Senior Managing Editor

"I was able to upload photos to Facebook, use Twitter, watch YouTube videos, send and receive e-mails, and browse the Internet without any hiccups. That was true even in a rural mountainous area near Neuschwantsein Castle... MORE"

Sherry Ott

Sherry Ott

Co Founder and Marketing Director
Meet Plan Go!, Founder of Ottsworld
Travel Website.

"Thanks to Telecom Square for keeping me connceted while on the EURO train... MORE"

Charlie Grosso

Charlie Grosso

Co-founder of a contemporary art
gallery in NYC, Photographer, First solo female
finalist of Mongol Rally 2012

"I ventured far into nowhere, still had a decent internet connections. This tiny device from Telecom Square is a dream come true! ... MORE"

Derek Baron

Derek Baron

WanderingEarl-US Top25 blogger

"Telecom Square is my provider of choice by far. Quality Mobile WiFi, ridiculously easy set-up and wonderful customer service...MORE"