Why Mobile WiFi Rental with Telecom Square?

We offer the simplest solution for traveling with internet. No contracts, no data plans, just one flat fee and your hotspot rental device is delivered directly to you.
Mobile Device


Whether it's straight savings based on our $12.95 a day unlimited data plan, or the time saved not having to find a hotspot or set up a connection, or locate a foreign sim card seller, we're the most reasonable choice you'll find.

Portable & Convenient

Small enough for your pocket. Enjoy global internet from the palm of your hand with an international hotspot rental; one press of a button and you're ready to go.

Truly Reliable

Your international WiFi Hotspot is optimized for your destination, requires no setup, and is backed by a technical support team.

Unlimited Data

Don't get burned by misleading data plans, or worry about finding "free" WiFi Hotspots, Mobile WiFi gives you unlimited internet access anywhere you go. No need to hunt for free WiFi hotspots or track your data usage.

Supports 5 Devices

One flat rate can cover your whole group! Your mobile WiFi hotspot gives internet access to up to 5 devices at the same time, at no additional cost

The Process


Place your order online or by phone. Just tell us where you’re going and for how long and we’ll make sure you get the appropriate device for your destinations.


Your order will arrive at your door the day before your departure. Connect any WiFi enabled device and enjoy unlimited international internet during your trip.


Send back the gear in the envelope we provide when you get home. It will be prepaid and prestamped for your convenience. Just send and you’re done.

Did we mention no setup? After recieving your device, just turn on and connect any 5 WiFi enabled devices. It couldn’t be more simple.


International Internet Options:

Compare your options and see how Telecom Square offers the simplest solution.
Data Use
# of Devices
Tech Support
Setup Time
Time to Connect
to Internet
$12.95/ Day
Yes! Mobile and
Up to 5 devices can
connect to one hotspot
Tech support
Monday - Friday
Only once!
Power up and connect.
Little as possible,
power on and go!
Yes! Secure,
private connection
Cordless, portable,
unlimited WiFi for
up to 5 devices
sometimes free
with purchase
often limited
Requires setup
every time
can take hours to find Public WiFi
None. Unsecure
Time is limited,
subject to purchase and
often limited
Often setup
every time
setting up, logging in, finding signal can take up time
None. Unsecure
Usually spottty, may be limited to lobby, no support
Up ro $23/ MB
Charged per use with severe overage charges.
Only works with global equipment/ coverage
Possible on some but NOT reccommended
No setup with global device & coverage, but fees apply
Works with proper roaming signal.
Requires global device, service not guaranteed, and steep overage fees

Our Mission:

Global borderless mobile communication.

We believe that quality of service should never be compromised just because you are away from home.

Our Portable WiFi Hotspot rental options offer global internet services with no long-term contracts and without the hassle of an international data plan or the cost of roaming fees.

We have agreements with over 80 network providers, in over 50 countries to make sure you get connected to reliable, local, high-quality internet service at a low cost flat rate; we call this "Global borderless mobile communication."

Our mission at Telecom Square USA is to provide our customers with safe and convenient international wireless service while they travel. We do this by offering the highest quality mobile hotspot devices available around the world, backed by a technical support team.

Whether you use our international mobile broadband service for business or leisure, with associates, or with family, we believe your connection overseas should be as good as what you have at home, without costing you a fortune.

Our History:

We pride ourselves in offering low cost portable internet solutions with the best possible service to our customers worldwide.

Telecom Square USA provides mobile internet solutions to travelers in the United States and around the world.

Our parent company is Telecom Square Inc. located in Tokyo, Japan where we were founded 20 years ago.

Since then, Telecom Square Inc has been acknowledged as Japan's leader in short-term phone rentals, temporary mobile connectivity, and wireless broadband services.

In 2003 we opened our doors of our U.S. Branch, Telecom Square USA, in New York City to bring the same quality service to the United States.

We've teamed up with the nation's largest wireless providers, such as Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint to offer our clients and partners world class service at the best price, whenever and wherever they go mobile.

We have plans to accomodate all of your destinations as efficiently as possible in order to get you the lowest rates and the highest speeds.