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About Mobile WiFi & International Internet Options

What is a "Mobile WiFi Hotspot"?

"Mobile" means you can take it anywhere you go. No wires, no plugs; and it's small enough for your pocket or purse.

"WiFi" is wireless internet service.
At home you might have a device that is plugged into your internet cable that sends internet wirelessly to other devices (phones and computers). Unlike your home device, this WiFi device is completely wireless and completely mobile.

"Hotspot" is the area that you can receive WiFi internet signal from a device. The "hotspot" is the radius around your Mobile WiFi device that has wireless internet service.
In short, a Mobile WiFi Hotspot is a movable, portable device that provides a wireless internet connection to devices in its range.

Can I use my cell phone / smartphone / iPhone while abroad?

If you have a Mobile WiFi Hotspot; Yes. Otherwise maybe, maybe not. Cellular phone use while traveling abroad is dependent on what you are using your phone for, and what type of phone you are using.

Be aware that not all cellular phones, and smartphones, are global mobile devices; meaning that not every phone works in every country around the world EVEN WITH an international data roaming plan. Two things affect whether you will be able to use data roaming and the internet from your cell phone / smart phone while overseas; the actual device you have AND the data plan you have.

The best option to use your cellular device / smartphone abroad is to rent a Mobile WiFi Hotspot; it won't matter if your device is a global device or not, nor what service plan you have.

On top of that, you don't need to worry about faulty, unsecured connections with Public WiFi, massive roaming charges, or device / country incompatibility.

A 'smartphone' has the ability to access Public WiFi, like at a cafe or hotel, but without a WiFi hotspot you start roaming, which will add on sometimes EXTREME roaming fees.

What are international phone plans?

Special contracted service plans, offered by cell phone service providers, to access internet while abroad.

These plans have a limited / set allowed data use and when you go over the limit, you get hit with huge roaming fees.

Also, cell phone international plans only provide wireless internet to one designated mobile device, so a decision needs to be made of what device you're going to use when choosing this plan.

Why not just use my phone's data plan?

Using your cell phone's data plan (roaming service) could result in heavy overage fees while traveling outside your normal network. (And we mean THOUSANDS of dollars. Seriously.) Say your device happens to work in the country you go to and you start using your data while roaming. You're wandering around Rome, using your Google maps and gps and reading Yelp reviews and looking at pictures and maybe a Youtube video or two. Or maybe you just upload a cute picture to Facebook for friends to "like".

International roaming can cost up to $23 per MB without a plan! (Ex: 1 Facebook photo update @10MB= $69!)

You NEVER EVER want to use your international data roaming without a coverage plan.

So you'll get a plan?

That's a start. If your device actually works in the country / countries you're going, you can contract a plan with your provider and you'll get a LIMITED DATA plan.

BUT BE CAREFUL! After you've gone over the limited data they give you you're back to OVERAGE CHARGES. Yes, you always need to watch your data use or you could be in for a nasty surprise.

With our Mobile WiFi Hotspot, you will pay one flat rate with no surprises, no hidden charges and no risk. You get unlimited international internet access for up to five devices, and complete mobility. Convenience, portability, and accessibility to the world wide web has never been easier.

Can't I just use WiFi at my hotel and coffee shops?

Public Wireless internet access is not always easy to find while abroad, and is not always free, and is NOT SECURE.

Let's start with the "free" Public WiFi you may find in internet cafes and public hotspots. Even Free Public WiFi access can cost you abroad whether not free means you have to buy a stale biscuit, or that you spend hours roaming through unfamiliar locations to try to locate one. On top of that hassle, it is not secure and you can be hacked and targeted!

What about hotel WiFi internationally? There are any number of issues. First, it usually costs between about $5.00 to $25.00 a day, is often wired meaning only your PC can use it, or is spotty and unreliable and only usable in the lobby or in a corner of a hall or some other limitation. Think we're kidding? Check out reviews on tripadvisor.com to see just how spotty and unreliable hotel internet abroad can be.

In addition to the limitations of accessibility, these options are not mobile. You will not be able to use this type of service to run maps or navigation apps. If you want your data on to use active maps or your gps, you'll need something portable and hotel WiFi and public hotspots certainly aren't.

I'm not tech savvy, are these options hard to set up?

The ease of the set up depends on the international internet option! Some services are not initially programmed with a secure connection, and additional set up is required for your data to be secure while browsing.

For example International Roaming or SIM card rentals can contradict the ease they may promise, for example SIM cards require locating credit stations, and unlocking devices.

Other options such as using your cellular provider's international internet plan requires global devices with additional required set up, and international plan contract, and limited usage.

With Telecom Square, simply turn on the Mobile WiFi Hotspot with one touch of a button, and it is ready with WiFi service for up to five devices. There is no complicated set up to worry about, and your data is secure.

Are these options private, safe and secure?

Yes, if you choose Telecom Square's hotspot. Otherwise the answer is "sometimes" and "NO!". Public hotspots are rarely secure, and a big risk to use.

Hotel WiFi is often one step up, but you should still worry about inputting private details while using it.

Some other hotspot rental services require you to set up the secure network yourself; not very user friendly! Telecom Square's device comes set-up secure so you just power-on and use the datanetwork securely.

What devices use the mobile WiFi signal are chosen by you. Others within the wireless signal cannot access your mobile WiFi service without permission / a password.

Fully powering down is a simple pushing of the power button.

About Our Service

Can anyone rent a Mobile WiFi, or is it only for businesses?

Anyone can use our service! Students, tourists, businesspeople, Everyone benefits from a stable secure internet connection.

It's great for business and business trips, but if all you want is to check your social apps and email, or make sure you stay connected with your family back home, it's great for that too.

Say you upload a cute photo of you in Paris to Facebook using your global smartphone and uncontracted data roaming. YOU COULD BE IN FOR A WORLD OF PAIN! (Ex: 1 Facebook photo update @3MB= $69!).

An unlimited WiFi hotspot offers you peace of mind

Is there a contract?

You don't need a long term contract to rent from us.

Our service is made to be easy and flexible. Your commitment is only as long as your trip!

How do I place an order?

Click here, or Contact Us by phone or email to place your order now.

What comes with my rental?

Your Mobile WiFi Hotspot rental includes:

  • 1. Mobile WiFi Hotspot Device
  • 2. Wall Charger/USB
  • 3. Car Charger - optional
  • 4. Plug Adapter
  • 5. Holding Case
  • 6. Operation Manual
  • 7. FedEx Return Label and Envelope
Is there a usage limit?
The data you receive is unlimited.

But, the rate at which you use the data does have to stay within the Fair Usage Policy.

This just means that you cannot constantly download large files, stream video for more than short periods, or otherwise use excessively large amounts of data in a short period of time. Please understand that all companies that offer unlimited internet still require you to follow the standard Fair Usage Policy.

Where will I have coverage?
You should have coverage in any country we cover.

A coverage map is available upon request.

But, where in the country you get signal is another matter.

Major cities usually have very solid coverage, but if you travel into less populated or venture out into the wilderness, there is a possibility that you will move outside of the coverage areas.

In which countries will my Telecom Square USA hotspot work?
Where your hotspot device works is dependent on the type of service you have signed up for. The equipment is optimized for your selected destination.

Once you pick your destination, Telecom Square USA selects a region specific device that works within that country.

The USA WiFi plan gives you unlimited data use within the United States.

There is also the International Single Country WiFi plan where you can access global internet in one specific country.

Finally, we offer a plan where you can take the same device in multiple countries across Europe and Asia, called the Europe Multiple Countries WiFi plan.

See our Rental Service Plans Page for more information.

Receiving Your Device

How do I get the Mobile WiFi Hotspot?

We use FedEx to ship all our devices.

It normally takes 2-5 days to ship. We base the shipping date on your trip departure date to ensure that you will receive it in time. We provide an envelope and FedEx return label so that all you need to do is drop off your package at any FedEx location. See the FedEx Drop Locations to get the exact location of drop spots near you.

You can pick-up the device at our New York office, however reservation is required prior to your visit in order to secure inventory. Please call or submit an order online to arrange pick-up.

New York
HIS International Tours

535 5th Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10017

IACE New York
535 8th Avenue, Suite 801
New York, NY 10018

**Walk-in orders are available ONLY FOR USA WiFi on a first come, first served basis. HIS Travel Desk located Hilton New York Hotel B1F
1335 Avenue Of the Americas,
New York, NY 10019
7:45am – 7:00pm

Will I get it in time for my trip?

We ship your item early enough so that it reaches you before your departure date. We put our faith in FedEx's reliable service, but all guarantees for delivery are subject to FedEx's ground delivery time guarantees. While we cannot guarantee the specific time, we do ship via the most reliable service we know.

Can I get overnight delivery?

If you need an order rushed, please call us to expedite your order.
We'll look into rush shipping options and help expedite your order if possible. To be safe, we ask that you place your order at least 4 business days before your trip, but if that's not an option, please call so we can try to help.

Can I get it on Saturday?

Saturday delivery is possible, but subject to availability by FedEx.
Additional charges may apply. Please call if you have special shipping requests.

Can I pick up a rental or make an order at your office?

You can pick-up the device at our New York office however reservation is required prior to the visit in order to secure an inventory. Please call or submit an order online to arrange pick-up. Walk-in orders are available ONLY for USA WiFi at the location below. (First come first get basis)

HIS Travel Desk located Hilton New York Hotel B1F
1335 Avenue Of America,
New York, NY 10019
7:45am – 7:00pm

Can Telecom Square deliver to an airport?

No, it is very difficult to deliver to airports.
Please Contact Us if you have special requirements for delivery.

Can I receive it at the hotel I stay?

Yes, we can ship it to your hotel. However, please make sure to provide us the reservation guest name for the hotel. Many hotels reject any package with unknown guest name.

Also, please inform the hotel in advance that you are expecting the package from Telecom Square USA.

If the hotel rejects the package for some reason, it will automatically be returned to Telecom Square USA, and the customer is still responsible for rental fee and shipping fee.

Returning Your Device

How do I return the device?

For Delivery order:
We send you everything you need to return the device. Once you are done with your rental, just seal it in the provided pre-labeled envelope and drop it at any FedEx Drop Locations.

For Pick-up order:
Please return the device at the same location you picked it up from.

What if I don't return the device on time?

You'll only be charged the standard daily rate for each additional day you have the device. There is no late fee added to the daily rate.

Can I leave my rental with the concierge of the hotel?

We do not recommend leaving your return equipment with any Hotel staff. You are responsible and liable for the equipment until it is returned.

So if you give it to anyone to return it for you, remember if they don't return it you will be charged accordingly.


How are the rates calculated?
"Your plan rate" x "Rental duration" = Total (plus tax for NY & TX, insurance or accessories if applied)

Your rental period begins the day you depart from the U.S. or arrive in the U.S. if you're using our device in the U.S. from abroad. We ship your item to arrive before this date. The end date is the day you place the device in the mail to be shipped back.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation fees only occur when canceling within 4 business days or less, of rental start date. If you cancel within 4 business days you will be charged a $60 cancellation fee. There will be no refund for a cancellation made after you receive the device.

How much does shipping cost?

Your total shipping cost is only $29.99.

This covers the delivery, and return of your rental.

Am I billed every time I turn on the device?

No, you are charged a flat fee, depending on your plan, for unlimited use.

Charges outside of the daily flat-rate fee, that can occur, may include any of the following: cancellation fee, shipping fee, and optional requests such as insurance or batteries.

Any additional charges I should be aware of?

There is a shipping fee of $29.99 which covers your FedEx shipping labels (both ways).

If you are picking up the device at our location, there is a $5 fee.

Cancellation fees only occur when canceling within 4 business days or less, of rental start date. If you cancel within 4 business days you will be charged a $60 cancellation fee. Devices returned late are charged the rental fee of the device for each day late, but no additional late-fee is applied.

When do I get charged? How do I get my invoice?

You are charged when you place your order. Once you've placed your order either online or by phone, you will be emailed a "Rental Confirmation" that contains the details of your order (plan, length of rental term, options etc) and the prices for each which will serve as an invoice.

Should you later add on any other options, extend your rental contract or shorten it, the amounts you will have due or owed to you will change, and you will at that time either be charged for those extras or refunded. At that time, you will receive a new "Rental Confirmation" that reflects the adjusted amounts. (Please note; Any refunds may take up to ten business days to reflect on your credit card statement and is at your credit card's discretion.)

What forms of payment do you accept?
We require payment via credit card for all orders.

This is so that we can place a hold on the deposit funds. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Technical Questions

Does it work on Mac / PC?

Yes! Since our Mobile WiFi Hotspots do not require software or installation, they easily work with Mac, PC, or both.

Does it work with Windows 7?

Yes, windows 7 should automatically detect the device, so no installation is required. You may want to restart your computer if you're having problems on Windows 7.

Support Questions

What's my order status?

If you need any information about your device in processing, just Contact Us.
Reach us by phone or email and we will be happy to give you a status update.

How do I install the device?

There should be no installation required. Your device should simply detect the network (wireless internet signal) and then allow you to connect.

If you think you need a driver, or are having some other difficulty setting up the device, contact customer support at 1-877-827-3884. Or see more Contact Information Here

How do I locate a user guide for my WiFi Hotspot?

We will send you a user guide pamphlet with your rental. If you would like another user guide Contact Us by phone or email and we will assist you.

Can I extend my rental time?

Of course you can, just give us a call or send an email to support@telecomsquare.us. In either your phone message or email, please let us know the following information: name, contact information, your hotspot device, location and how much longer you need the device for.

Standard daily rental rates will apply, but there is no extra charge for extending your rental period.

Please Contact Us with any questions regarding a rental extension.

What if I lose or break the device?

There is a $200.00 charge for an uninsured device that has been lost or heavily damaged.We recommend that you purchase insurance to protect yourself in the event of accidental loss, theft, or damage. By selecting the insurance option, at $2.95 per day, your lost or damaged item charge will lower to $75.00.

Glossary of Terms


A term used to describe a wireless internet connection, it uses radio signals to transmit data (internet service) to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Means "my WiFi" a term used to describe a line of WiFi products.


A place where you can connect to a WiFi network; a zone where you can get wireless internet service.


The device you use to direct data between computers, it can be used to transmit internet.


Information that computers use for direction; but what's important about data for you is that it's what you're using when you go on the internet and it's what your cell phone company charges you for.


When you are outside of your providers signal range, this means they have to use other providers networks, an expensive process that usually costs the consumer more money.


3rd generation mobile technology.


4th generation mobile technology. It's faster than 3G.


A wide band of frequencies used to transmit; DSL and cable TV are some examples of broadband services.


In most computer systems a byte is the unit most computers us to represent a character (i.e. letter, number, or symbol). A byte is very small, the larger units of measurements are: Kilobyte (KB) equal to 1024 bytes, Megabyte (MB) equal to 1024 KB, Gigabyte (GB) equal to 1024 MB.


These are groups of radio frequencies that are used by mobile networks to communicate with a mobile phone. The band determines where your device will be able to work.

SIM Card

"SIM Card" stands for "Subscriber Identified Module Card." This removable card is inside a phone, and holds important info such as the phone number and address book, and allows you to go on the internet.