With a Mobile WiFi Hotspot rental, you can say goodbye to foreign SIM Cards, unsecure Public WiFi, and expensive roaming charges.

Telecom Square Device

Are You Going to Need
WiFi in China?

China is a vast and awe-inspiring country. There are many historic places to visit and a rich and ancient culture to experience. From the Great Wall to the Terra Cotta Army in Xi’an, China makes an enchanting and unforgettable destination for tourists and business travellers alike.

Are you worried that you may miss an important email because you are without an internet connection? Maybe you want to chat or send photos of your trip to people at home? If you are going to be traveling to China soon, don’t forget to think about how you will stay connected. You shouldn’t rely on internet cafes or the hit-or-miss public WiFi in China. There is a dependable and affordable way to keep you connected, no matter where you are.

Reliable, Portable WiFi in China

Telecom Square provides you with a conveniently small, portable cordless WiFi hotspot device. The device will be sent to you before you leave for your trip. The ability to stay in contact with your co-workers, friends, and loved ones while travelling China has never been easier.

Mobile Wifi in China