With a mobile wifi hotspot rental, you can say goodbye to foreign sim cards, unsecure public wifi, and expensive roaming charges.

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Have A Plan for Your Wi-Fi in Croatia?

Are you planning a trip to Croatia? As one the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, Croatia is a great vacation destination for many reasons. With picturesque islands, ancient monuments, and a unique blend of European cultures, a trip to Croatia is sure to be an unforgettable one.

Want to share pictures of your experiences in Croatia with people back at home? You’re going to need a Wi-Fi connection and you probably won’t want to rely on the availability of Wi-Fi at cafes and hotels. Remember to think about how you will stay connected before you leave for your trip.

Bring a Telecom Square Hotspot for Wi-Fi in Croatia

A Telecom Square Wi-Fi hotspot device can be sent to your door before you leave for your trip to ensure that you have a reliable and secure connection wherever you travel. With affordable plans for over 90 countries, Telecom Square can keep you connected during your travels.

Mobile Wifi in Croatia