With a mobile wifi hotspot rental, you can say goodbye to foreign sim cards, unsecure public wifi, and expensive roaming charges.

Telecom Square Device

Don’t Go Without Wi-Fi in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this small island nation offers tourists pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and excellent scuba diving opportunities. Cyprus offers some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean available. With the warm climate and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, you are sure to enjoy your vacation in Cyprus.

Have you thought about your Wi-Fi connectivity while you are visiting Cyprus? Will you have the ability to maintain communication and share your experiences in Cyprus with friends and loved ones at home? Don’t rely on finding public Wi-Fi in Cyprus every time you want to share a picture or check your email. There is a much more reliable and convenient option called a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Secure Wi-Fi With You Wherever You Go

Before you leave for your trip, Telecom Square sends a pocket-sized mobile hotspot device to your home. With the simple interface, you can quickly connect up to 5 devices at once. Bring the device with you wherever you travel to enjoy secure and reliable Wi-Fi in Cyprus.

Mobile Wifi in Cyprus