With a mobile wifi hotspot rental, you can say goodbye to foreign sim cards, unsecure public wifi, and expensive roaming charges.

Telecom Square Device

How Will You Stay Connected with Wi-Fi in Greece?

Do you have a vacation or business trip to Greece planned for the future? The historic ruins, delicious cuisine, and stunning Mediterranean beaches are just a few of the many things that entice travellers from all over the world to visit Greece. You know you are going to have an unforgettable experience in Greece, but do you know how you will stay in touch with people at home?

Sharing your experiences with friends and loved ones can be difficult when you are on vacation. Many travellers are stuck paying for an international roaming plan or relying on unsecure public Wi-Fi in Greece. Neither one of these options is ideal for travellers looking for a secure, affordable connection.

Wi-Fi with Telecom Square Saves You Money and Hassle

You can have portable, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi in Greece with Telecom Square. Before you leave for your trip, Telecom Square mails a small Wi-Fi hotspot device to your home. The easy-to-use, rechargeable device allows you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Finally you can travel and share your experiences without the hassle of public Wi-Fi or the cost of international roaming plans.

Mobile Wifi in Greece