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Despite the small size of Hungary, the country has a distinct culture and language, exciting history, natural healing waters, delicious food and wines and beautiful landscapes. Hungary makes a great vacation in the heart of central Europe.

The Roman era brought about thriving towns and prosperity, which you can still see evidence of in the capital, Budapest. The Romans discovered a great treasure in this area to be the abundance of hot springs and healing waters, and they built the first baths.

If you want to take in the beautiful landscapes of Hungary, and enjoy their terrific wines, don’t miss Tokaj. The dessert wine produced here is called the “wine of kings”. Even the best vintage Burgundy wine from home pails in comparison to what is produced on the low-lying hills of Northeastern Hungary. If you are visiting Tokaj, stay in Mád for the best hotels and restaurants in the area.

Esztergom, the spiritual home of Hungary, also offer beautiful landscapes that can’t be missed. Esztergom is a charming little town overlooking Slovakia on the other side of the Danube. This is one of the oldest towns in the country where you will find history on every corner.

While taking in the beautiful landscapes of Hungary, you will feel compelled to take a lot of photographs, and share them with everyone you know. If you need to stay in touch with others back home, you will end up searching for Wi-Fi. You can access Wi-Fi in most cafés within the center city. If you want to spend your vacation sight seeing, instead of in a café, then you will want to bring your own Wi-Fi access.

By renting a mobile hotspot in advance, you can count on Internet access from the time you arrive in Hungary, until the time you depart. You won’t have to worry about wasting your vacation looking for a café in the center city. And you won’t be stuck inside the hotel. Enjoy your vacation in Hungary!

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