With a mobile wifi hotspot rental, you can say goodbye to foreign sim cards, unsecure public wifi, and expensive roaming charges.

Telecom Square Device

Enjoy Your Own Wi-Fi in Indonesia

Are you planning to travel to Indonesia? You are sure to appreciate the country’s incredibly diverse wildlife and interesting culture. The thousands of different islands that comprise Indonesia offer a uniquely diverse experience for visitors. Scenic beaches, great scuba diving destinations, and delicious cuisine are just some of the many things that Indonesia offers for visitors to enjoy.

Do you know how you will stay connected while you are in Indonesia? Sharing your pictures, answering emails, and keeping up with social media are much easier when you have a reliable connection. You can try to find public Wi-Fi in Indonesia, but these connections are rarely secure or reliable. They also don’t offer the convenience of mobility to allow you to stay connected on the go.

Your Wi-Fi Can Go With You

A Telecom Square mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device allows you to travel with a secure and reliable connection to Wi-Fi in Indonesia. When you order a Telecom Square Wi-Fi hotspot, your device will be delivered to you before your trip. Take your hotspot with you wherever you travel to enjoy a stable connection for up to 5 devices.

Mobile Wifi in Indonesia