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Japan, known as the “country of the rising sun”, does not fail to surprise and mesmerize visitors from all over the world. Visiting Japan is exotic, yet intricate; you will enjoy a fantastic mix of cultural heritage and Asian traditions coexisting amongst modern mirrored high-rise buildings and huge amusement parks. Regardless of what you have seen before, visiting Japan will definitely blow your mind.

Public WiFi can be found inside major airports and train stations, tourist information centers, convenience stores and cafe chains for paying customers. Registration is required to use most of these services, and in some cases must be done in advance. While some of the networks offer sign up pages in English, others do not. A few networks are also limited to specific devices (i.e.: iPhone only) or restrict the content that can be accessed. This is not secure, and if not easily accessible unless you want to spend your vacation inside the airport or 7-eleven.

Personal Hotspots (also called MiFi, Portable Hotspot, Personal WiFi or Pocket WiFi) are small, battery-powered devices that create a local wireless network. It is easy to set up a personal hotpot for your trip to Japan, and they provide reliable, fast Internet, allow multiple devices to connect at once and are relatively inexpensive. Personal hotspots are now available to rent from Telecom Square.

Mobile Wifi in Japan