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Singapore is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Singapore was even named Asia's top city attractions and the best meetings and conference destination by the World Travel Awards. Singapore's tourism landscape has made some dramatic changes, making the island-city of Singapore even more vibrant and exciting as a destination.

Singapore's unique blend of culture reflects the harmonious relationship between the old and new. This is highly visible in the intermingling of modern skyscrapers with heritage buildings all around the Singapore. The old Chinese buildings in Chinatown and Little India's distinctive sights, sounds and scents are still prominent amongst the surrounding modern shopping malls and offices.

Over 50 percent of the island-city of Singapore is comprised of greenery; Singapore has some amazing tropical wilderness and nature-oriented attractions to be enjoyed by visitors. Nature-lovers can wander the hiking trails and enjoy seeing over 500 species of wildlife, including various monkeys and the last remnants of Singapore's old growth forests in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Wi-Fi service, like everything else in Singapore, is tightly controlled by the government. It becomes inconvenient if you need to get into any unapproved website. Public Wi-Fi is available from the government, however you can only sign-up online for this if you have a local Singapore cell phone number.

You will find it easier to bring your own, private and secure Wi-Fi in Singapore. Rent a mobile hotspot before you leave home, and you can count on Internet access from the time you arrive in Singapore until the time you depart. You won’t have to worry about wasting your vacation time inside your hotel with often-unsecure Wi-Fi; instead you can enjoy a wonderful vacation in Singapore.

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