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Finding Wi-Fi in South Africa

South Africa is an enticing tourist destination for its diverse wildlife and fascinating culture. If you are travelling to South Africa soon, you should think about how you will stay connected during your trip. The Wi-Fi availability in South Africa may not be what you would expect.

You have tons of great new pictures of your adventures in South Africa and you are eager to show them to your friends back at home, but how are you going to connect? In major cities in South Africa, public Wi-Fi hotspots are commonly found in cafes, restaurants, and hotels. The connections in these places are often unsecure and unreliable, but most importantly, they do not offer the convenience and portability that a tourist on the go would prefer. The high prices of international data plans and the risk of huge data overage charges are often too much for people with a travel budget.

Telecom Square Provides Portable, Affordable Wi-Fi
in South Africa

You can have a conveniently small Wi-Fi hotspot with you during your travels in South Africa. Your Telecom Square Wi-Fi hotspot device is delivered to your door before your trip to ensure that you will be able to stay connected when you want to. Don’t be stuck searching for Wi-Fi in South Africa, bring your Telecom Square Wi-Fi hotspot with you.

Mobile Wifi in South Africa